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By Mary E. Adair


Welcome to the eighth month this year! And so the time slips by and we are left wondering what we should hurry to finish before this month flies into the past. Well, Helmer, the cooking columnist has his answer and is working diligently getting his music catalogued and recorded onto one giant drive purchased for that purpose. While at it, he also is putting Christmas ditties on gift discs for family and friends. Some of these tunes and performers date back into the early 20's and 30's. Really impressive collection he has gathered over the years. But your editor has been exploring the personal endurance marathon that an abcessed tooth puts one in. Nuff said.

We are welcoming a new columnist this issue, Peg Jones who is the author of "Angel Whispers." Peg's interest in Angels has led her into several ventures to help others and this column is one more avenue for her compassion and talent. We are pleased to have her on staff.

John Blair returns with his thought provoking poetry, including a couple of haunting verses, "Fourplex Phantom" and "Seventh Street, Lawrence." Four more poems by Blair are: "Listening for Thunder," "Night Garden," "Not Grandma," and the very romantic "Pond."

Bruce Clifford submitted the following poems: "Information Overload," "Let Me Down Gently," "I Believe in You," and "Made in The Shade." Bruce was under the weather for awhile in June, and is coming back up to speed now. Always enjoy his work because it is so openly honest and intriguing.

Mattie Lennon from Ireland, has a poem displayed in his column, "Irish Eyes" which aired at the Listowel Writers’ Week along with his take on the variety of presentations made.

Other columnists this issue are:

    Peg Jones as mentioned with her initial column "Angel Whispers."
    LC Van Savage from Maine, with "Consider This"
    Leo C. Helmer from Texas, and "Cookin' With Leo"
    Eric Shackle from Australia, in "Eric Shackle's Column"
    Thomas F. O'Neill from China, in "Introspective"
    Gerard Meister from Florida, "Thinking Out Loud".

Articles include the fun one from Eric Shackle, "Some Americans Dote on Dogs. Some Don't." Be sure to click on the Rover's link and then go to the photo gallery for that story.

The second article is the lyrical "I Saw The Magics. Yes I Did Too" by LC Van Savage. She involves her beloved husband, affectionately called Mongo, in this escapade.

See you in September!

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