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By Mary E. Adair


Is that Fall coming around the corner? Football has already blossomed onto the fields around this great state of Texas from the youngsters in grade school right through the college levels, not to even begin to mention the semi-pro and pro teams. And, by the way, How about that new cowboy stadium? Wow! Your editor is always happier when this season of ball playing arrives.

Besides, a very special birthday begins this month! My favorite son-in-law, who is a very special person indeed, celebrates September One as his own natal anniversary! It comes just six days after his precious wife, your editor's baby girl has her's. Happy, Happy to both of you!!!!

John Blair shares the following verses, "Where Does Karma Begin" and "Poison Picnic" which are almost a matched set. Four more poems by Blair are: "The Lotos Eaters," "Night Bloom," "All The Answers," and the reflective "Quiet Lovely."

Bruce Clifford, despite travel and keeping up with a new position, submitted the following poems: "It is What it Is," "Left in the Dark," and "Taking to Flight." There's one more poem, by your editor who simply can't believe it will be all bad, "2012 Carousel."

Columnists this issue are:

    Peg Jones from Massachusetts with her column "Angel Whispers."
    LC Van Savage from Maine, with "Consider This"
    Leo C. Helmer from Texas, and "Cookin' With Leo"
    Eric Shackle from Australia, in "Eric Shackle's Column"
    Mattie Lennon from Ireland, with a shock and awe column, "Irish Eyes"
    Thomas F. O'Neill from China, in "Introspective"
    Gerard Meister from Florida, "Thinking Out Loud".

Articles include the fun one from Eric Shackle, "Will Buster Martin (102) Compete in Sydney Games?" Be sure to check to see if you're up to par for such activities.

The article "Fifty and Still Holding!!" features LC Van Savage and her beloved husband, Mongo, who celebrate and let us in on the tale.

"Some More about Western Swing - Bill Haley" by Leo C. Helmer may reveal some highlights of Haley's career you never imagined.

See you in October!

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