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Who's Scaring Whom?

By Mary E. Adair

Will you really be frightened if I holler Boo!
What does it take to scare someone like you?
The ghosties and goblins come round every year
And I've yet to see you shudder with fear...

Aha! I have it! I think I know what it takes
To make you blanch and tremble with the shakes
To shrivel your liver, to coil up your spine
It's when the stock market threatens your bottom line.

So this year I'll arrange a parade of the little ones
Dressed as shrinking dollars, and mumbling weird puns,
You'll quake, maybe scream -- won't that be a thrill
To realize it's all in fun, or, I hope that you will

That you won't be so frightened you'll liquidate our home
Set out as a hobo for endless streets to roam
And never shave off your scraggledy beard
Looking like that millionaire who got so weird

Oh no! Now it's me who is frightened the most
Just the thought of such terror is worse than a ghost
So I'll hug you and give you apple cider in a cup
And whisper my Boo! which won't even shake you up.

©Oct 2009 Mary E. Adair

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