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My Ghost

By LC Van Savage

    I don't want to boast
But I danced with a ghost
One soft and gentle eve.
    I was all alone
Nobody was home
He was not make believe.
    He streamed through the door
I could not ignore
The beauty of this wraith.
    I was unafraid
And smiled when he laid
His sheer hand upon my face.
    "Dance with me," he said
I said "But you're dead!
He laughed like silvered glass.
    He swirled and he twirled
His skin was like pearl
His robes like isinglass.
    He held out his hand
And the music began
From where I have no clue.
    He floated toward me
I reached and could see
Through him, then through and through.
    The music was sweet
I felt my heart beat
In time with the harmony
    My ghost held me light
The moon, glowing bright,
Poured down like golden honey.
    "Why are you with me?"
I asked him and he
Said "I was lonesome tonight.
    "I wanted to dance
"Saw you at a glance
"Standing lone in the earthlight."
    "Yes I was alone,"
"My heart felt like stone
"My lover had died, you see.
    "I'm sad and I ache
"I can't seem to shake
"This mood of melancholy."
    "Ah ha," my ghost smiled
"Then let's dance a while
"And I'll get you back some cheer."
    Then he spun me 'round
His see-through robes wound
'Bout me, and he held me near.
    My core lightened then
And I asked him when
My heart would finally heal.
    He laughed as we danced
And I felt entranced.
I heard my own laugh peal.
    We danced on and on
To the edge of dawn
And all the while my ghost crooned.
    He soothed my sore soul
And made me feel whole
As we swayed under the moon.
    My heart felt so pure
I said "Are you sure
"You're really a ghost, good sir?"
    "Oh yes," said he back
"My earth name was Jack,"
And I stopped still in mid whirl.
    I looked up at him
My eyes instant brimmed
With tears of awful surprise
    "You should not make jokes
"At sad grieving folks,
"Or make up terrible lies.
    "The love of my life
"Was Jack, I'm his wife
"A fact I suspect you knew."
    "I did," smiled my ghost
As he slid round a post
And his eyes were twinkled blue.
    He grinned wide at me
Then laughed with such glee
I didn't know what to think.
    "Now, why do you giggle?"
I asked, then he wiggled
And shot me a merry wink.
    "My job here tonight
"Was to give you delight,
"To help you over your pain.
    "And a message I bring
"On an angel's wing
"From Jack, your cherished swain.
    "He says `Do not fear!
`I'm so happy here
`Though I miss you awfully much.
    `Laugh all you can
`And ignore the span
`Between us. We still can touch.
    `Call me with your heart
`And though we're apart
`I'll hear and answer true.
    `And soon, dear, I swear
`We once more will share
`All time, and our dear love too.'"
    I looked at my ghost
And said "That's the most
"Happy I've felt in a while.
    "I'm glad you saw Jack
"But wish he were back
"Here. And then I'd smile."
    My ghost looked me close
Said "Don't be morose,
"Laugh! It's what your Jack wants."
    "You know a great deal
"Of how Jack would feel,
"I think you're a dilettante!"
    "Look close at me, dear,"
My ghost pulled me near
And I peered into his face.
    I gasped "Now I see!"
My sad heart flew free!
And I wept in that fair place.
    This ghost was my Jack
He'd chose to come back
To tell me he was Okay.
    To quiet my grief.
It's now my belief
He wished to show me the way.
    "I just could not see
"That you were
"When you swept me up to dance!
    "I thank you, dear love
"You came from above
"So I could have a good chance
    "To heal from your death
"To now draw each breath
"With joy. Oh thanks for this time!"
    It's hard to explain
How quickly my pain
Then vanished, like a rung chime.
    My ghost faded back,
My sweet, darling Jack
Left me alone in the night.
    But now I was glad
And no longer sad
Now I smiled in the moonlight.
    "Thank you," I called
to my ghost, then I bawled
But they were tears of bliss.
    I heard him call back
"Remember your Jack!
"Now catch, I send you a kiss!"
    The music got soft
While Jack went aloft
I waved and then cried out,
    "I'll see you real soon
"Please, wait by the moon
"And never, ever doubt
    "That I loved you fair
"And now I can bear
"That you're gone. I love you Jack."
    And I heard my ghost cry
As he sailed to the sky
I love you too. Ill be back.

1998 LC Van Savage from "LC'S TAKE - POETRY I." published in 1998.

LC seen here holding that book of poetry, which is still available at Amazon!

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