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LC Van Savage

My name is Elsie (LC) Van Savage and I am 78 years old. I was born on Staten Island, New York, and I’ve lived in Brunswick, Maine since 1974 with my husband Stephen. We've been very happily married for 56 years, have three sons, and six grandchildren.

My column "LC's Take" appeared in the Times Record in Brunswick, Maine for over 30 years, and the column now appears weekly in The Coastal Journal out of Bath Maine. My stories and essays also appear in the Maine Seniors Magazine.

I've had articles and short stories published in magazines, small press magazines, anthologies and books. I write rhymed and rhythmed poetry, and have included these in a book called "LC's Take - Poetry-I." I occasionally do readings around Maine from my poetry book, columns and books.

I also had a local TV show on Maine Public Broadcasting Network for 15 years (it is still running) called “incredibleMAINE” where my crew and I travelled all over the state to film interesting shows about our state, her people and the things they do, and we never once ran out of show ideas. These shows still appear every Saturday morning at 10:30 AM on MPBN. I also had a weekly radio show for 3 years called "Senior Moment" broadcast from Bowdoin College and in total I’ve had four interview radio shows over the years.

A collaborative writer, I wrote a book with Marilyn Monroe's first husband (Jim Dougherty) entitled, "To Norma Jeane with Love, Jimmie," featured on E!, TV Guide, The Larry King Show and Bill Green's Maine. Three other collaborative books are completed, called "Dancing for Poppy," about a woman who overcame an abusive father and went on to survive a long and dangerous life, and "Jan of Cleveland," a time- travel book about the 1300s and the intense horrors and humors of that era. My books "Frances" and "Queenie's Ascent" are being readied for submission. I have completed the biography of Virginia Mayo, a movie star famous from the l930s through the '70s entitled, "The Best Years of My Life," and I’ve written the biography of John Agar, Shirley Temple’s first husband and also a famous star from the 40s and on, entitled "On the Good Ship Hollywood."

My how-to book called "How to Paint People's Life Stories" is being brought up to date, (written before computers were in people’s homes!) While I no longer paint people’s entire life stories in (often) mural sized paintings in the “outsider-art” genre (aka “primitive” or Grandma Moses style,) I now paint smaller, one- subject personal bio paintings. As of now I’m doing paintings in that genre on many of the wonderful old songs of the 30s, 40s and some 50s, by Cole Porter, the Gershwins, Harry Warren, Irving Berlin—the list of great American songwriters is very long, the music is very good; Swing On a Star, Don’t Fence Me In, White Christmas, Somewhere Over a Rainbow, Apple Blossom Time, You’ll Never Know —I will happily be painting these fabulous songs for the rest of my life.

My semi-autobiographical novel is called "Queenie's Ascent," a story of a wealthy young girl in the 1950s who is abruptly ripped from her affluent life—debutante parties, servants, country clubs, horses, trips abroad, and most importantly, private schools,-- and is dumped into a very tough and “low class” public school filled with not any PLO – People Like Ourselves. She is frightened and has a most difficult time adjusting and coping. Her classmates name her “Queenie” because they think she behaves in a rather superior and “foreign” way and they quickly disabuse her of her exalted airs. A shocking and brutal scandal rocks her family while Queenie is at the public school, involving her father and several teachers from her old private school. Queenie is taught and finally learns, much against her will, how to survive this new life and how to be at peace amongst people for whom she had, until then, nothing but contempt.

“Frances” is my next book, already written, awaiting editing. It is the story of a cruel and abusive Scottish housemaid/nanny who is perfectly and faultlessly murdered by the young teenaged girl she tortured for years.

You can check on me by going to:
Coastal Journal
Maine Seniors Magazine


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