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The Berries

By LC Van Savage

I saw this kid asleep at the switch
Next to his car, parked in a ditch.
The back was open and this young male
Had a sign on his lap, "Strawberries 4 Sale."
I needed some berries but had not the heart
To awaken this lad to sell me a quart.
His mouth hung open and I very much feared
His young tongue would soon be sorely sun-seared.
But I did not wish to wake the young guy
And so I drove off with an eye to the sky.
I saw some dark clouds gather up there
And thought, "Oh good, now I won't have to care
"Because that boy will now sleep in shade
"His tongue won't burn, my fears are allayed."
After some hours I found I was done
And began to make my home return run.
"Maybe," I thought, "that boy's now awake
"And I can buy berries to put in my cake!"
I got in my car. It started to rain
My lovely warm day then started to wane.
I could hardly see, the rain was so thick
The windshield was fogged, the roads were quite slick.
The boy was still there, next to his car
It looked like he'd sold not one berry thus far.
He sat there asleep, the sign on his lap
He seemed to be taking the very same nap.
His clothing was drenched, his hair was too
Of his being soaked, he had not one clue.
His mouth still hung open I saw with a frown,
Well, his tongue wouldn't burn; now I feared he would drown.

LC Van Savage

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