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July 2000 Picnic

By Mary E. Adair

(July 22, 2000)

Workers gather beneath the trees,
And kindness abounds with 'thank you's and please.'

Some play "rings" and others play ball-
But most do heed the Dinner Call,

For it's Bar-B-Q time in St. Louis city,
And the array of food is really pretty.

The pork steaks and the bratwurst
Had to be cooked on the grill first-

Then added peppers, onions, and brew
(The recipe made up with just what would do)

Plus Worcestershire sauce, and a lot of smoke--
And someone to watch the meat which they poke

With long-handled forks and a spatula wide.
While the ducks in the pond don't even hide,

But approach up the grass with hopeful looks,
Though everyone's too busy to stop and feed ducks.

There's visiting to do, and tales to trade
While nearly everyone sits in the shade.

Some try to fish, and others wish
They'd remembered to bring a special dish.

Maybe some dessert next year, they'll add.
But all are happy with the weather-best they've had

(In the last few years)-or so they say.
And several will remember this picnic day--

Like the man who failed to catch his kid--
And into the mud she went--yes, she did--

And jumped up and down, I think, in glee--
But no one was as surprised as he.

Then the startling sound of a fireworks' boom,
While the beer on tap just didn't zoom,

But trickled enough to fill the glasses
To please thirsty lads and some of the lasses.

So settled and happy, they waited for the prize
Which made some people strain their eyes

To have the numbers that were just drawn,
While others looked like they would yawn.

So given out, the prizes were
Some to him's, and even a her.

The quietest it had been the whole day long-
And the winners each chortled a little song.

"Almost mine!" we hear someone groan--
And next a chuckle from the gal who'll own

One of the baseballs, that were here to give,
To add to the belongings with which she'll live.

Yes, the July Picnic of the 2000 year
Should win from all a bit of a cheer.

And so the gathering is over at last -
I ate so much, I think I should fast!

©July 22, 2000 Mary E. Adair

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