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He Watches Over Me

By Mary E. Adair

(Restored from previously published Pencil Stubs Online)

That which I am seeking,
I fear I have not found--
But God still watches over me,
His Blessings do abound
With loving family and friends,
My life He does surround--
And Beauty decorates every day
From azure sky to sandy ground..
The sand is fine-pulverized quartz,
Looks like diamonds in the sun--
And the sky has misty veils of white
To show where the jet trails run.
The air is crisp and cleanly cool--
Surely, our Winter's begun--
Though here and there full-petaled roses
Are left from Summer's fun.
So how could I be so restless
As to state yearnings unfulfilled?
With bounty from such blessings,
Why isn't my seeking stilled?
I feel God calls me to a task--
I've yet to understand what's willed--
But ready myself with ceaseless Faith,
That even Sorrow has not killed.
I ask for His guidance daily,
And daily He does comply.
So many Paths branch out ahead,
Some enticing me on, to try--
That I must ask and ask again,
Yes -- or no? And sometimes, Why?
But He is ever patient with me,
Though I tend to ponder and sigh.
Then reminders come with their lessons--
Some learned painfully, it's true--
When I didn't seek, and didn't ask,
But thought I knew what to do--
Still tenderly God blessed me,
While I chose paths I'd come to rue,
And smiled His Grace upon me
As I sought the way to pursue.
When once more inquiring of Him,
As I fell on bended knee,
He graciously removed obstacles,
And quietly answered each plea.
So as I continue seeking my task,
To know why He is calling me,
His Blessings abound, I have but to ask,
God continues His watch over me.

©November 12, 1997  

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