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God Didn't

By Mary E. Adair

God didn't put me here
To keep house
If I were sure He did,
I'd be quiet as a mouse

But since I don't believe it
I'll stand up and yell
When it comes to mopping
I'd rather got to ...well,

I think you understand
What I'm sad about
So I really don't think
That I needs must shout

But it wouldn't be nice
Or even very kind
To hire someone to clean
What's been left behind

The drapes need replacing
I'm tired of this paint
There's more to do
Than what there aint

I guess someday I'll muddle
Through and finish somehow
Though it'll definitely take
More time than I have now

If I had free
A month or more
I'd get done
What I've not before

That chance isn't likely
So it'll never be done
If I had my life choices
It wouldn't be this one.

03/23/2011 Mary E. Adair

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