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By Mary E. Adair

June 2011

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle, philosopher (384-322 BCE)

Yes, definitely June. Scorching 100+ temps here in our western Texas neighborhood, which is of course, still triggering wild fires, especially when the wind gusts go above 30mph, as they frequently do. Perfect month for a vacation, right? So, naturally, the prices at the pump have already escalated and promise to reach even higher. None the less, travel is on the agenda for many, and we applaud those with the backbone to follow their plan regardless of the oil barons. After all, June is THE wedding month of the year, and many will be heading off on their honeymoon, or second honeymoon, be that as it may. Why discourage them from that dream?

Getting to this month's contents, we lead with one article, the true tale of someone often believed to be only a nursery rhyme character. You will love the truth revealed by Eric Shackle in "Was Little Miss Muffet a Local Girl?" He also brings us up to date on some recent events in "Eric Shackle's Column."

Gerard Meister returns with his column "Thinking Out Loud," and that delights your editor. His humor can't be equaled. Many look forward to Leo C. Helmer's light hearted recipes, for the story as much as the recipe itself, which is "Chocolate Chip Pancakes" in "Cookin' With Leo."

Thomas F. O'Neill enlightens us on his current occupation as a teacher in China. The more we learn, the more we realize how much alike we all are, so don't miss "Introspective." Peg Jones had a painful experience which she shares and also reveals how the angels helped her process her feelings about it in "Angel Whispers."

Mattie Lennon brings us some insight into Ireland's "Listowel Writers' Week" in "Irish Eyes." A playwright himself, he takes us behind the scenes.

LC Van Savage has returned to our pages and brings us "Consider This" with a touching tale. She also is showing one of her whimsical poems, "The Berries." Some may not know that she has published one volume of poetry, unless they read her bio. The bio's should be checked out for all the authors and is easily found by clicking on their byline.

John I. Blair has poetry for all seasons. His bird watching leads to an awareness of all forms and phases of life, upon which he is able to touch that one point of uniqueness and wrap it into his poetry. His poems for June are: "Gecko," "Cuckoo," "Arietta," "On Rainy Nights," "Arkansas River Valley," and "Summer Afternoon," which echoes our thoughts on heat.

M. Jay Mansfield's poems for this issue are: "Can't You See," "5 a.m., " "Worship (it's the way I am)," "There Is," and "Venom." Welcome back Jay aka FireEagle. Bruce Clifford shares these poems: "Things Since Then," and "It's Hard to Say." Thank you, Bruce, we know it's a busy season for you.

June Hogue who has been published in pencilstubs before, looks back on how "In Flanders Fields: The Memorial Day Poem" marked a turning point in her family,

Denise Sebastian brings us another of her romantic short stories she calls 'trysts.' You will find "A Walk on the Edge" rather dreamlike - did it happen, or not?

The continuing story by Mark Crocker, "Rabbo Tales," adds Chapter 10, "Tears" of this adult fantasy, with the main character becoming more adept each chapter.

We will be combining the July and August issues into one, to be released the first of July. Your editor will have eye surgery during each of those two months, so authors are urged to send in early, and plentifully by June 24th. See you then!

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