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By Mary E. Adair

APRIL 2001

Seriously considering just sending one line saying "April Fool" as we are in the midst of packing to transfer back to my familiar stomping grounds in Texas. Leo is even looking forward to it now. We have also been relaxing after the wonderful visit in Chicago and the opportunity to touch base with Gregory Hargrave (the host of the interactive story, "Tale of Darkwing") and JJ Feather (author of "Smoking" in the March issue and "Love/Hate" for April.)

Therefore, all things considered, this issue is rather short it seems but contains quality material at that. Two stories are included to entertain you: "Sincerely" by Debi Craner, and "Love/Hate" by JJ Feather.

Mike is preparing a column, hopefully Floyd will send one as he said that he would have a year's worth for us to start with. Cheri still is having pc problems, and Aspen??? must be taking a sabatical. However, LC Van Savage in "Consider This" should tickle your funnybone this month, while Cassandra touches on an old, old subject that many people consider a myth, but we older people know was, and perhaps still is, true in "Cassandra's World." The column by Dr. Sam Vaknin brings some in depth studies on the subject of Robots and how psychology uses the definitions in "Taming the Beast." Leo C. Helmer advises how to whip up some mouthwatering waffles from scratch in "Cookin' with Leo," noting that if you don't have a waffle iron, the batter makes fine pancakes as well.

Poetry ranges from the sadness of losing a lover (M. Jay Mansfield with "Subway," "She Never," and "Weathered") to happier reflections ("Melodies" and "Anticipation" by Keith Vander Wees.) But Wees' poem "Innocent Ones" is serious and asks the reader a question. "In Goddess We Trust" was submitted under the name 'inneradventure' so we cannot properly credit this well-done poem. "Peace of Mind" by Robert M. Hensel flows very well, while "Love Bird" and "Geraniums" by JoBi Wilson evoke a joyful picture of Spring and love.

We leave you to discover the other joys of this issue and hope you will drop a note to our columnists or leave your comments on "The Wall." And, meanwhile, we will return to packing a collection of utensils, clothing, and doo-dads, mixed well with memories.

See you in May!!!  

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