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Moving Day

By Mary E. Adair

Moving Day fosters thoughts both good and bad
As we sort through memories sometimes sad,
And sometimes glorious ones filled with beauty--
Wrapping them carefully is our duty.
Packing our knick-knacks of long-owned dreams,
Mending our wishes that busted their seams,
Marking some fragile and some quite hardy,
Just getting it together to not be tardy.
With plans laid aside like old chipped pottery,
Holding on to new ones without any mockery
While some things thought flimsy years ago
Are the lifestyles now that beckon and glow.
And trust and safety are laid on top
And the dreams of today, we'll strive not to drop,
For those that already appear to be shattered,
We'll look ahead bravely, saying they never mattered.

    And remembering miracles that started out
    Like eggs that are scrambled
    But fluffed up when they jelled as
    Through our life they rambled,

Sets a pattern of hopefulness and joy that gleams
And we keep close to us, our new born dreams.
Our spirits keep lifting as we clear each room,
While we discard willingly all thoughts of gloom,
And our being together as we forge ahead,
Is more important than the places where we tread.
Onward, the watch call as the time draws near,
We're ready to move on - away from here.

©April 3, 2001 Mary E. Adair

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