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Pets Enjoy Outings Too!

By Mary E. Adair

When you plan your vacation or weekend jaunt, don't forget Fido, or Trixie, or Bruno. Pets enjoy outings, too. Just be sure to feed them lightly before a lengthy car trip, and allow adequate time to find a place to 'walk' them often enough for their comfort.

When you stop for recreation, do not leave the pet in the vehicle. Even with windows rolled down an inch or so, the heat can rise rapidly inside. Many pets have suffered heat exhaustion from a "short trip" in here or there that was unintentionally extended too long. Bring the leash, and walk the animal right along with you.

Be aware, of course, that only sight animals for blind persons are allowed in some areas and buildings. Don't break the local laws with your pet. Law enforcement people are within their rights to remove a pet from your care if you are not seeing to their basic needs. That includes a safe (for them and for humans) sleeping place, and regular feedings.

Letting your animal eat "with you" is a matter of personal choice, and is understandable when one is mostly alone that the pet provides some mealtime company. It is not a good idea when you are serving human guests, however, to allow the pet to join in your mealtimes. It can be very disconcerting, if not downright frightening to have an animal you might not even know was anywhere around, suddenly jump up beside your chair, or even into your lap, or on the table.

At home, pets should have their own private eating area that is kept clean, with old uneaten food promptly removed to avoid drawing insects to the pet's "dining room." Other animals should not be permitted to 'vie' for your pet's food. If animals can not feed together peacefully, then provide separate areas for them. Mealtime should be happy for your pet at home or away.

So, enjoy their company on your vacations, but keep them safe and healthy so that you can continue to enjoy their unique companionship for years to come.


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