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By Mary E. Adair

September 2011

We welcome you back to our ezine after our combined issue and know there will be something here for everyone.

Poetry abounds with Bruce Clifford, M. Jay Mansfield, and John I. Blair on hand. Two authors have added stories for us, Denise Sebastian with one of her trysts "Coastal Walks," and Mark Crocker with chapter 12 of Rabbo Tales.

We are missing Gerard Meister from our lineup of columnists this issue, and we hope to see him in high form after his rest. Leo C. Helmer whets your taste buds with a fiery concoction in "Cookin' With Leo," and John I. Blair stresses the importance and the fun of preserving historical family treasures in "Always Looking." Thomas F. O'Neill, from his perspective in China, recalls his impressions and dismay on 911, in 2001, in his column "Introspective."

Mattie Lennon has been emcee'ing over in his favorite stomping grounds, and details his August activities in "Irish Eyes," including a foot note on "Ground Zero 360 - A Photographic Restrospective" by American author Nicola McClean. Peg Jones shares a wonderful free music link with us in "Angel Whispers," and your editor has been listening to it for hours as this issue evolved. Her message from the angels includes the pleasures of music.

LC Van Savage will tickle your funny bone disclosing what wasn't a bit funny for her at the time in her column "Consider This." Eric Shackle has some beautifying hints for the adventurous as he informs us of Dr.Fish in "Eric Shackle's Column."

The continuing story by Mark Crocker, "Rabbo Tales," adds Chapter 12, "The Last of a Race" of Book One of this adult fantasy and will end this book now. Book Two will follow shortly. Mark Crocker thanks all his readers who have kept up with the fantasy and all compliments are duly noted and appreciated. He hopes it has been as much fun reading it as it has been for him to write it.

See you in October!

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