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Thirty Years

By Mary E. Adair


For thirty years, we've shared this land,
Since we said "I do" while you held my hand.

A land where toil and fun are one,
And it seems our dreams have just begun.

We've had our tears, we've had our fears,
Our joys, and triumphs through the years.

There's something new 'most every day
And we do it 'yours' and we do it 'my' way.

Our land holds hobbies and things to craft,
And sometimes our families think we're daft.

No one else understands what bliss we share
Helping each other just because we care.

I arranged the flowers, and grew the herbs,
While you photographed all, and wrote the words.

We raised our hopes and reared our kids,
With some surprises, but avoided the skids.

We've done some time on community things,
And tried our best with what life brings.

Through it all your eyes still twinkle at me
And fill my heart with love's rhapsody.

I'd choose you again, I know I would,
And come to live in this neighborhood.

This neighborhood we've built of our life together,
And learned that trouble shared is easier to weather.

So twinkle those eyes, and squeeze me hard,
This poem's for you -- I forgot to get a card.  

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