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By Mary E. Adair

Joyous June!!

A month long favored by Brides, hence it becomes one of the major months when Wedding Anniversaries are celebrated. This issue carries poems commemorating such celebrations, one which dates back to 1945 for a fiftieth written by one of the editor's great aunts, Annie Joslin Payton, a recognized poet of her day. One by the editor noted "Thirty Years" written a few years ago, and one by Jacquie MacGibbon,the editor's sister, in honor of "Our Parents" was also for a golden anniversary. Dorothy Asher and Jim Echols poems follow the same theme along with some good advice.

Along with these poems, come the current ups and downs described romantically by Shell Heller in "White Magic," "I Wish...," "Wild Thing," "A Moment," and "John Wayne Doesn't Cry." Nicholas Cimarosti chimes in with "What I Want." An entirely different perspective of love is given by Cayce B. Shelton with "Have You Seen My Dog?" while two of his short stories, "Journey" and "The Mission," poignantly display his prowess at dialog. "Love Story" by Paul Joseph Leadem tells about his first love.

Our columnist Amanda Speed was busy being married recently, and we will have a wedding snapshot of her and spouse Steve next issue. Even our webmaster Mike Craner shares with us his love of his home and family in a column ("Mike's Place") that should bless your heart and mind. Leo C. Helmer ("Cookin' With Leo) brings us a recipe you'll surely love to try, Redneck Steak Salad. LC Van Savage relates what Carrie Nation loved doing; Dr. Sam Vaknin ("Taming The Beast") explains how "The Matrix" film is not a loving pattern nor solution for our lives; Cassandra in "Cassandra's World" shares her love of nature; while Connie Anast ("On The Other Hand") relays a letter about the love and care shared unstintingly following the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy.

June is also the month that includes Flag Day in the U.S.A. This brings us to an article that we couldn't NOT share with our adult readers. It bears a warning for strong language and descriptions of graphic violence because it is transcribed notes from the author Robert Flynn during his tour of duty in Vietnam. We will bring the second half of these "Vietnam Notes" in the July issue.

While this wraps up the June issue, let us remind you readers that you have places in our ezine to be writers: most columns, some articles, and of course, "The Wall" are designed for feedback. If you have never availed yourself of the opportunity to speak out online, here are some chances to do so, but for now, enjoy reading the June issue.

See you next month!  

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