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The House That Holds My Dreams

By Wendy Shepard-Kalan

The house that holds my dreams
Today and in the past
From deep within it's beams
Memories that last

Baby giggles echo through the halls
My child's first steps on sweet little feet
All held within these walls
On our quiet little street

Family dinners just us three
Warmth that has only grown
Such a part of me
All my son has ever known

1st Christmas turns to 12 th
His future coming fast
Trophies on his shelf
I want these days to last

My child is asleep
The house is still
feelings run so deep
Staring from my windowsill

The tree I planted is so tall
The branches stretched out strong
Tiny leaves starting to fall
This is where I belong

A husbands smile
A gentle touch
Knowing all the while
We have so much

Memories that last
From deep within its beams
Today and in the past
In the house that holds my dreams

11/30/11 Wendy Shepard-Kalan

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