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Wendy Shepard-Kalan

Hello. My name is Wendy Shepard-Kalan

    I grew up on Long Island, NY. I worked for a Japanese company for many years in NYC. I studied the Japanese language at the Japan Society.
    In 1995 I had brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. I realized how precious life really was.
    I became a mother in 1999 to an amazing son. I am currently a stay at home mother. My husband Patrick is truly my best friend.
    I have been writing since I was a child. I've always loved poetry. I recently have become interested in writing lyrics.


Type Month Year Title
Poem October 2011 You Never Will
Poem November 2011 Tiny Little Bird
Poem November 2011 Fly
Poem December 2011 The House That Holds My Dreams
Poem January 2012 2011 When The Past Is No More
Poem February 2012 A Life Not Yet Done
Poem February 2012 What'll I Do with the Night
Poem February 2012 My Son
Poem February 2012 The Window
Poem February 2012 Until I Meet My Fate
Poem March 2013 2013 You Don't Like Me
Poem March 2013 2013 A Dove's Constant Call
Poem March 2013 2013 Beautiful People
Poem April 2013 His Real Mother
Poem February 2015 Reunited
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