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A New Beginning

By Bud Lemire

I sit here thinking, is there somewhere I should be?
To bring me to the place of my greater destiny
I've come to a crossroads, don't know which way to turn
The world moves around me, as I take in what I learn

A new beginning starts, as I wait and see
Where it is going, where it'll bring me
Normally I'd be worried with panic and caught in the fear
But calmness surrounds me as I listen and I hear

I hear the Angels singing, their words I do not know
I believe they're telling me which way I can go
The spirits of my loved ones are at my side as well
Supporting my decisions wherever I may dwell

Taking one step at a time, all will be alright
Their love is guiding me, in the Heavenly light
No step that I take, will be wrong
The direction I take, is where I belong

Where it'll lead, I do not know at all
I know the answers are just beyond the wall
I must hold the key to unlock the door
That will lead me to so much more

A new beginning is not always the easiest place to be.
Not knowing where life will take you, or where you'll end up being.
But I have faith that all will have a way of working out.
I have faith, and I know I am not alone wherever I go

©Feb 6, 2012 Bud Lemire

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