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A Piece Of Pie

By Bud Lemire

I was in the store the other day and saw a piece of pie
I craved it so badly and yet I passed it by
Oh it would have tasted so good with ice cream on top
Warmed up just a little, not sure why I didn't stop

It was strawberry-rhubarb, and it sounded great to me
But I love most pies, it's for my sweet tooth you see
Peach pie is a favorite that I love to eat
And a blueberry pie surely can't be beat

Every now and then lemon meringue comes to mind
But I surely can't leave a cherry pie behind
Pumpkin is the holiday favorite around here
I had a piece of it just earlier this year

When I lived in Washington blackberry was supreme
Warmed up just perfectly and topped off with ice cream
A key lime pie is very rich in taste
Yet it tasted very good and couldn't go to waste

Then there's the pie that is made of meat
I remember Mom making it, but it wasn't sweet
Next time I'm craving a piece of pie
I'll put it in my shopping cart and not pass it by

©Nov 27, 2011 Bud Lemire

You only live once! And I got to enjoy the best of everything. Do you ever get the cravings for something and have to have it. I'm talking foods....possibly sweets. Don't pass it by, put it in your cart. You'll be glad you did.

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