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We Have Wings

By Bud Lemire

On our journey of life, we forget we have wings
We can fly above, all that life brings
Realization seldom passes through our head
Until our souls leave our bodies and we're dead

Feel the wings that were given to us
God given with love so we'd always trust
To go with the flow, wherever we'd go
To seek understanding so that we would know

When things seem so very tough
And you think you've had enough
Let the gentle wings of love...
...Guide you onward from above

The trials of life, difficult as they may be
Can be confronted with wings easily
Fly on up and over them all
You're in control, so you won't fall

There is nothing, whatever life brings
That you can't overcome with your wings
Learn to use them, wherever you go
Spread your wings, feel your soul
On our journey of life, remember we have wings
We can fly above, all that life brings

©March 26, 2011 Bud Lemire

Our wings are wonderful once we learn how to use them and how they were given to us to use. So many times when life gets hard, it is so easy to lose faith and be depressed. Life is not always easy, and can get downright hard. But knowing how to use our wings, can make life easier for us.

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