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A Human . . . Being

By Bud Lemire

Whenever you wonder if youíre where you should be
If youíre doing the right things in your destiny
Or why is life so hard on you
And doesnít get better with all you do

Itís all in Godís plan for you to know
The ďHumanĒ experience to help you grow
Each act you perform is a lesson to learn
On your Earthly journey before your return

What feels right to you is especially for you
If the feelingís strong, then it must be true
Always know, there can be no wrong
If the light embraces you, itís where you belong

There is nothing you canít do, if itís what you wish to
Accomplishments are many, the choices are up to you
Follow your intuition, feel everything to be right
Your finely tuned senses grow brighter within the light

Donít worry if you feel your life is unsure and wrong
Let your soul guide you to where you belong
With all things you do, and all that youíre seeing
Youíre doing what you should, a Human . . . Being

©Feb 12, 2011 Bud Lemire

Whatever you do, wherever you are, you are a Human . . . Being. A Human being a Human! Itís what you were born to do. Itís what you born to be. And you do that best!

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