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Here On Earth

By Bud Lemire

We live our life until it's our time to go
When that time is, only God knows
Make every moment count just because...
What is now, might become what was

Precious is the time here on Earth
Every second must be valued for its worth
Treasure the good times, ignore the bad
Embrace the happy, don't dwell on the sad

Soak up the sun, appreciate the rain
Try to live your life with very little pain
Value the other creatures that you see
Never underestimate all you can be

Take pleasure whenever you can
Be spontaneous at times without any plan
Honesty and trust are the best qualities
Many times it's what's inside that nobody sees

Everyone is unique and special in their own way
Cherish their presence each and every day
Be true to yourself and everything you need
And listen to your spirit and where it'll lead

©June 4, 2011 Bud Lemire

While we're on Earth, we must learn so much on our journey here. While we learn, it'll help us grow to be better. We can learn from others, as they learn from us. But this journey here is just part of a bigger journey our soul has yet to be on. We take what we learn here along with us and add it to what we've learned all through time on our spiritual journey.
Soul Growth!

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