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Life Review

By Bud Lemire

This is something that you may not know
Forgiving one another is good for the soul
On Earth it is needed for the soul and heart
While on the other side it also plays a special part

Forgiveness is healing, cleansing of the soul
Releasing negative emotion, which is always good to know
While having a “Life Review” on the life you lead
All is considered, on what is done and said

Everything you did, each person that you knew
How you touched them, is in this “Life Review”
Nobody is the judge, it all comes back to you
Feelings will be felt, on all things you did do

When you are in spirit, you'll know so much more
The reasons for your actions, and what they all were for
We see the roles we played, the reasons for them too
How we grew from them, and all that went through

They were our lessons, on the Earthly plane
To understand them better, without all of the pain
We get to see the things we lived through, while we were here
And things we didn't know before, all will become clear

All of us will go through the “Life Review,
” and will feel all the joy, sadness, anger, pleasure,
and how our lives touched others.
Then we will decide what we want to do to make things better.
Because while we make others better, we also make our own souls better as well.

©Feb 16, 2012 Bud Lemire

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