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The Beauty

By Bud Lemire

I look upon the beauty, everywhere I go
The colors and the lighting, and what touches the soul
I watch at every angle, to see what I can see
In every direction, and how it effects me

Where is the sun shining, what is the color there
The best that it's hitting, and which ones I can share
I realize every time I'm out there, and I take a shot
The beauty that surrounds me, and everything I got

The trees and their shapes, the clouds up in the sky
Are saying “Pay Attention, and open up your eye”
Capturing it all, is the best that I can do
The beauty that is there, that beholds all that is true

The shapes and the sizes, the distance just as well
All come together, and they have a lot to tell
They speak loudly, if you listen you will hear
Put all things in focus, as they whisper in your ear

What are they saying, do you really know
Listen with your eyes, the beauty they will show
I let my eyes tell me, is this a good shot
I usually delete it, if by chance it's not
But mostly I pick the best ones, that my eyes see
All things I've taken shots of, so you'll see The Beauty

©Feb 27, 2012 Bud Lemire

I found that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I have taken pictures that many liked, and I never expected that.
I have taken some that I thought many would like, and they didn't.
Beauty is found everywhere, if you have the sight to see what is there.

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