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A Funeral Poem

By Bud Lemire

Let me write a Funeral poem
For all those who are taken home
It's not a poem about the dead
It's about the life they've lead

All about the journey they took
Written down on a page from a book
Everyone has a life's story to tell
Some parts you won't know as well

You might know who they are
But did you know about their scar
You may see them at a store
Did you know there's much more

The experiences they've been through
The good and bad, like all people do
Emotions that are hidden away
What they go through every day

Get to know the person as they live
Learn about what they had to give
Life is too short not to share
And let them know that you care

©March 19, 2012 Bud Lemire

I was asked once about my poems that end up at Funerals.
I replied “it's because they tell the story of their life.”
Celebrate their life, not their passing from your life.
Their life goes on, and that's a great cause to celebrate.
It's much better than their life here or ours.

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