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The Whispers Of Nature

By Bud Lemire

I walk in silence as the birds fly around
The butterflies flutter and land on the ground
The whispers of nature are calling to me
So calming to the soul, a feeling so free

A chipmunk runs towards me and then scurries away
A Yellow Warbler appears, which makes my day
There up above sits a blackbird in a tree
It looks around and then down at me

A butterfly follows me wherever I go
I wonder what does a butterfly know
What are birds saying in their language I heard
It sounds really nice, but I can't understand a word

The sun shining down on this moment in time
Nature comes alive, which is a wonderful sign
Whispers are heard of all things that will be
Beauty is seen in the shape of the tree

You'll see the flowers and the colors they show
And you'll feel a warmth of an inner glow
Walk into nature, quietly if you can
You'll feel a connection of a much greater plan

©May 15, 2012 Bud Lemire

The feeling is so wonderful to be with nature
and watching all the creatures as they go about their day.

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