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By Bud Lemire

At the intersections that crosses you with me
We can stop for conversation or pass by graciously
We can smile with a presence that is kind
Or we can ignore the other, leaving it behind

I choose to stop or say hello if I should pass
Because I find myself to be in the friendly class
I choose to honor whom I shall meet
So I smile with pleasure of all that I shall greet

At the intersections, where our paths shall cross
I feel I am rewarded, and never at a loss
The pleasure of knowing someone like you
Inside is a feeling that always comes through

It's like a hug filled with love, or something more
As we stop for conversation, before going out the door
No rush to be anywhere, just a pleasant meeting there
A little time for friends, with something they can share

It's always a great feeling, every single time
When your soul reaches out and touches mine
So next time I hope that you will know
At the intersections, it's a mingling of our soul

©June 23, 2012 Bud Lemire

I enjoy meeting you at the intersections

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