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Two Artists

By Bud Lemire

She was nestled up there in a tree
The most beautiful woman you ever did see
She was a singer and played the guitar
He said “Babe, you're going to go far”

With a sketch pad, he drew her sitting up there
As she sang a love song like a prayer
He was great at drawing faces
Had her shaded in all the right places

She sang a song about love and life
His thoughts were of her becoming his wife
She wore a long dress that fit with a summer day
It was picture perfect in an artistic kind of way

The wind came along and blew her hair out of place
As he captured with his pencil, the smile on her face
She sang a song that I've never heard
He seemed to be feeling every word

With pencil in hand, I could easily see
He was moving in rhythm with her song from the tree
Two artists came together, two hearts beating strong
United in their passion, that they both brought along

©June 11, 2012 Bud Lemire

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On Aronsons Island, just pass the Boat launch,
there is a bunch of trees all growing out together.
A young woman with a guitar climbed up into the space
between the trees, while her friend picked up his sketch pad to
draw her there. Her smile was beautiful, her voice like a bird.
He was feeling it, and as she sang and strummed on the guitar,
he was drawing the beautiful woman of his dreams on the sketch pad.

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