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Good Enough for Me

By Bud Lemire

I don't like politics, but some people think they do
And I haven't read the Bible, this much is true
I haven't been to many places, but that is okay
I've gone through this life, going my own way

I follow my own instincts, and it guides me well
When asked for my opinion, I am always glad to tell
I don't tell others how to think or what to do
I can only be myself, and you can only be you

So many roads to travel, so many things to see
Thoughts appear inside my mind, of all things I can be
I follow what feels right, of the person I'll become
I know it's right for me, but may not be for some

One must feel it out, and know it on the inside
Have faith and believe, that you have surely tried
For all we can do, is to do our very best
In between our journey, we must take the time to rest

Time upon this world goes so very fast
The moments that we treasure never seem to last
All I know is all that I can be
And that is good enough for me

©May 8, 2012 Bud Lemire

Not everything in this poem is about me. I have read the Bible.
When reading my poems, remember sometimes it is me, sometime it is others,
and sometimes a mixture of both.
Mostly it is a point I am trying to get across.
Some issue that will make you think.
Some things in life are more important to you than other things.
But being you, is most important.

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