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A Passing Of Time

By Bud Lemire

Often I am taken back to a distant memory
Of a place and time that belonged to me
The caring of the people, smiles on their faces
Of a time years ago, in several different places

Family life, a wonderful Mom and Dad
A childhood that was fun filled, of a life I had
Great friends that I kept throughout the years
Many stood beside me as I battled all my fears

A passing of a life, a passing of time
Touched deeply upon this heart of mine
Spiritual Awareness is something that I learned
I found messages of those passed, everywhere I turned

Those who passed who I thought were no more
Were in a Spirit form, stronger than before
They come around to let us know they're there
Yet so many times we aren't even aware

They want to let us know their love never dies
And to let us know they have heard our cries
They send us love and guide us on our way
And watch over us as we live day to day

©July 1, 2012 Bud Lemire

I think of life and death as similar to a video game. Once we've finished this part of our role on Earth, we then go into our next level which is The Spirit World. We on the first level (Earth) can not see those on the next level because we are so involved with everything on the level we are on. Their level connects with our level. Sometimes in our greatest calmness, when we forget the worries and problems, we can feel their love strongly.

Another similar thing I can compare it to is when on the old Star Trek series, when Mr Spock went to beam over and found himself still the Enterprise. He was moving much faster than Captain Kirk and all the others. So fast, that the others couldn't see him.

I know those who have passed are doing much better and are walking when they couldn't before, because our souls have taken on the Spiritual form and can do many things we couldn't before. Our lessons here on Earth have brought us back into the Light as we continue on our Spiritual Journey there.

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