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Life Is Like A Camera

By Bud Lemire

Life is like a camera, in so many ways
A picture book of photos, counting down the days
The beauty captured, and held still
Of all things within...without...until

Time keeps moving on, never does it hold
Only in a picture, do we not grow old
A digital camera, with a card to hold each scene
Capturing life's moments, and all things in between

Focus on what you see, then give it a click
You've captured another moment, and it happened quick
It is like a memory, captured on a card
You can see it any time, it isn't very hard

Just like your mind, holding many memories
The camera and its cards, holds everything it sees
That is, as long as you remember to click
You can delete the ones, that you choose not to pick

I love my camera, I take it everywhere I go
I love my life, and seeing the beauty that I know
I enjoy capturing the beauty of everything I see
Life is like a camera, of all things it can be

©July 25, 2012 Bud Lemire

Capturing the moment and holding onto it your whole life.

With one picture, it can hold so many memories.

With many pictures, it can hold the memories of a lifetime.

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