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Someone Took My Picture

By Bud Lemire

Someone took my picture, posted on Facebook
Thought it should be lightened, oh my what a crook
It was owned by me, the copyright was mine
Now they've really done it, they've crossed the line

How dare them, it's against the law to do
They'll hear from my lawyer, they'll learn a thing or two
I'll write them a letter, I want my picture back
If I don't hear from them, then I will act


I thought to make it better, by lightening it for you
So the full beauty, could come shining through
I left your name on it, I did nothing wrong
You still have your picture, right where it belongs


You don't seem to understand, that picture belongs to me
If you wanted to do that, you should have asked, you see
I'll give you time to remove my picture from there
Because what you did, really wasn't fair


I removed the picture, because of all your stink
But I wish you'd understand and try to think
The internet belongs to everyone
Many could take your picture and really have some fun
Without you even knowing what had taken place
You'd never know who it was, in almost every case

It's only a picture, beautiful as it shows
Many more can be taken, as everybody knows
Ease back and don't you get so stressed
A creative person like you sees beauty and is blessed

©Aug 14, 2012 Bud Lemire

When you put anything on the internet, you share it with the world.
Whether it has your name on it or not.
But would we keep it to ourselves, or should we share the beauty we captured with the world.
I believe the world deserves to see what we see.
In life we truly own nothing.
We pay bills and taxes to use what we have, homes, land, etc.
We come into this world with nothing, we leave with nothing.
But what we leave behind is truly what counts, because that will be remembered by many.
For many years to come.

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