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How to be Nice

By Mary E. Adair

Everything I am can be seen at first sight,
Worn on my sleeve my intentions are bright,
Whatever I do I try to do right,
And sometimes I work at it both day and night.

My spiritual gifts are a blessing for sure,
Though oneself it seems one cannot cure,
Yet, positive thoughts fill my head to lure
Toward me the health that will be pure.

Helping others has always been a goal of mine,
And each time I'm asked for what they define
As a need, desire, want, anything that's in line,
I do what I can to steer them toward the divine.

For with the right requests, not selfish nor dark,
Getting help can be like a walk in the park;
As long as desires sing out like a lark
With higher good, they're likely to hit the mark.

So mostly it seems I'm full of good advice
And many will seek answers more than twice
And I strive to help them in a thrice,
Because, I believe that is how to be nice.

İOct 08, 2012 Mary E. Adair

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