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Nature Walk

By Bud Lemire

To see and feel Nature's beauty is a great feeling

A walk upon the island, to see what I can see
So many things appear, it's a Nature Walk to me
A Kingfisher, perched up in a tree
Ducks on the shore, spreading wings so free

Seagulls, flying in the air
Nature's wonders are found everywhere
Minks running along the shore
Canadian Geese, and there's so much more

The Great Blue Heron Bob, waiting for a bite
The sun showing beauty, in its amazing light
Clouds in the sky, can be almost anything
Just on a Nature Walk to see what it'll bring

A dragonfly dancing before my eyes
Several others join in, they come in every size
A butterfly on a flower that is on the ground
Everywhere I look, Nature's work can be found

The sun shining on the beauty that is there
My camera finger clicking, so that I can share
A Nature Walk means everything to me
As I take in the beauty of everything I see

©Oct 3, 2012 Bud Lemire

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