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A Happy New Year

By Bud Lemire

A New Year is upon us soon
The bells are ringing a brand new tune
Reunions that are soon to be
One that will bring a love to me

Although this year is almost done
I won't forget about all the fun
One story ends and another one starts
Love growing deeper as one year departs

Another year captured on photos I took
Several more chapters to add to my book
A successful year of poetry
Words in my mind that come to me

Some people left us in this year
I know their spirit is always near
New people enter the circle of friends
Another year starting as another year ends

A dream of what the New Year will bring
All will come true as the bells start to ring
Happy New Year I say unto you
May your New Year be a great one too

©Dec 31, 2012 Bud Lemire

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