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Many Pass Our Way

By Bud Lemire

In our lifetime, many pass our way
Teaching us lessons, almost every day
Some come to stay awhile
Others leave us with a smile

We can't go back to that time and place
Life keeps on changing and we must embrace
just like the clouds outside my window
We must move along everywhere we go

Cherish all the memories you've collected through the years
All the happy times, and all of the tears
All that was shared will be inside
Memories don't end even after we've died

Memories are connected to the soul
They are always there, this I know
They can be relived anytime at all
All you need to do is to recall

Think of all the people you've met in your time
I know so many who have touched this heart of mine
Thank you dear friends who have passed my way
Bless my many friends who have come here to stay

©April 21, 2013 Bud Lemire
Thank you all of my friends who have passed through
my life and taught me so very much.
Thank you for all my friends who have decided to stay
and teach me some more
Thank you all for the memories.
May the journey ahead be a wonderful experience

Comments by Bud Lemire. See his photo below:
On Our Way to Georgia Pass East of Fairplay.

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