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Reading to My Baby

By Bud Lemire

Reading to my baby, as she lies in bed
She listens very closely, to each word that's said
A well written adventure, set in fantasy
Wizards and more magic, a world you can see

Imagination flowing, with every word
Taken flight, just like a yellow bird
Listening to my voice, a smile on her face
With the words spoken, she's in a special place

Chapter after chapter, words that always flow
Wondering just exactly, where it's going to go
She listens and thinks “how very sweet”
While I read on, I feel so complete

I take time out, to take a drink
Looking back again, at the words of ink
I continue once more, taking my baby everywhere
She loves it very much, when I like to share

She has the speaker, set up on her phone
It is just the two of us, we are all alone
When my voice is ready, we take a break
Feeling very wonderful, with each breath I take

©April 23, 2013 Bud Lemire

(Vicki, I love reading to you)
See Bud Lemire in pic below

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