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My Photographer's Lament

By Bud Lemire

As you take your shots,
remember you took it because of some reason
There just may be someone out there who sees the same beauty as you
I already know there are many who appreciate beauty.

For me, I always follow the sun
Watch where it is and get the shot done
If it resonates with you, take the shot
If it does nothing, then you do not

When taking shots of moving objects, here is the trick
Late is not good, because they move pretty quick
You'll miss a great shot by waiting too long
Taking it at the “right” time is better than “wrong”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
On the ground or over your shoulder
Sunrise, sunset, up in the skies
Know when to shoot, that's being wise

We may never have seen what you shot
Sharing is paramount, we'll see what you got
I bring my camera with me everywhere I go
You could see anything, you just never know
Beauty can be found anywhere
If it's what you see, then it is there

So my friend, with camera in hand
Photographers all across the land
Take a shot wherever you find beauty
And share it with us, so we can see

©Oct 29, 2013 Bud Lemire

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