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After Death: Our Soul Life Continues

By Bud Lemire

Death is exciting, and intriguing too
For those experiencing it, if you only knew
Think of everyone's belief, and what's in their mind
When we pass over, leaving our bodies behind

Then they wake up, to a world without a bod
Confusion taking place, everything is so odd
No belief in the afterlife, where can you be
You try to make sense, what is it you see

You see the many loved ones, who have passed before
With the truth set before you, you can not ignore
This is where you are, it is not a dream
It is much more, than it would seem

“I can't believe it, there really is a place
For us to go after death, in the human race”
Embrace the light of God, remember and rejoice
It's your decision to make, it has always been your choice

As you look around, at your loved ones standing close
God's love surrounds you, in all things you loved most
You've come full circle, your soul has journeyed here
In the light of darkness, all things will become clear
The only death that happens, is to the bodies that we use
Our soul life continues, no matter what we choose

©May 9, 2006 Bud Lemire

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