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Moral Support

By Bud Lemire

By being there for them,
you feel good inside that you are
helping someone through a difficult time in their life.
Talking to them, comforting them, just your presence.
Fear often scares us away. What do I do, what do I say?
Do what comes natural and speaks to your soul.
Remember my friend Bob, The Quadriplegic.
After his accident, he wondered why his friends didn't come around.
He was still the same person, yet people didn't feel comfortable.
You missed out on many moments of being with a very special man.
You have it in you to do the right thing. Be there for them.

When you have a life threatening disease
These are words to consider, if you'll please
Everybody knows that something like this is tough
Anyone going through it knows just how rough

Dialysis or Chemotherapy makes a person weak
Feeling sick all day can make the time very bleak
So often when a friend has it, people back away
You won't catch it, it's much better if you stay

Your friend needs the Moral Support only you can give
By being there for them makes it better for each to live
The little things you do mean so very much
Being by the side of someone who needs your touch

Put yourself in their place, what would you do
If your friends you cherished, backed away from you
You'd feel alone and you would be wondering why
People can be selfish and stupid, makes you cry

Nobody has to go through this without a friend
I'm sending you this message so that this can end
Be there for someone who needs you, don't back away
They deserve your Moral Support to make better their day

©Oct 22, 2013 Bud Lemire

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