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Through The Eyes of A Quad

By Bud Lemire

Dedicated to Quadriplegics everywhere. Quadriplegia!

I'm stuck here in the wheelchair all day long
Thinking back to that day when it all went wrong
It was a nightmare on how I got here
An accident, a mishap, and my worst fear

We're limited to our movement of each body part
It hasn't effected our brain, we're still just as smart
I'm mostly paralyzed, with spasms that move me
But not in the way I'd like it to be

We need exercises done every night and every day
Spasms are set off if you move us the wrong way
I need assistance in almost all that I do
Sometimes I even wish that I were you

My independence is very important to me
I do as much for myself, I like to be free
Don't help us all the time, unless we ask you to
Because we like our freedom to do all we can do

Sometimes the pain is more than I can stand
But I'm sitting, fighting it the best that I can
My morning care can take so much time before it's complete
Most people don't realize my situation, having full use of their feet

My hands don't move like I'd want them to
My signature probably resembles a scribble to you
My Power Chair is how I get from here to there
Without it I'd be stuck, life can be unfair

If I become irritated, understand and be fair
I've been sitting all day in this wheelchair
Upside down and inside out, our life has really changed
Mostly everything we do, must be carefully arranged

Friends I knew before this happened, ignore me as they do
But I'm basically the same person who was a friend to you
Someday I'll walk again, at least I hope
Until that day arrives, I'll do my best to cope
If by chance you see me in my wheelchair, and think that I am odd
Then it's time for you to see life Through The Eyes Of A Quad

1993 Bud Lemire
(For two special Quads, Bob & Mike.)

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