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Merry Christmas From Heaven

By Bud Lemire

I know you feel the loss, here on Christmas Day
Loved ones that have passed, are around in every way
The bond that you shared together, it will always be
In this life and after, gather around the Christmas tree

Each light on the Christmas tree. Lit up for a reason
Not just to celebrate, this wonderful holiday season
Memories of the past, they come surging through
You think they're gone forever, but that's not true

Look deep inside, where resides the soul
You will find the answers, and you will know
They watch you and they come around
Bringing love silently without any sound

Sometimes when you're tuned in, you will know
It will give you feelings, of an inner glow
Energies will pass through you, like a warm embrace
Touching you deeply, bringing a smile to your face

If by chance you don't feel it, then know this my friend
Their lives here on Earth, wasn't really the end
They guide you every day, with all of their love
Spirits sharing what they know, with God's love from above

Their physical presence is missed, the pain can get so deep
But the love you shared, is always yours to keep
Every present that you find under the Christmas tree
Are the times they're “Present”, and will always be

You're never alone at Christmas, it's a state of mind
Look deep inside your soul, and you just might find
Someone from Heaven is close by and touching you
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too

©Dec 21, 2013 Bud Lemire

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