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A New Year, A New Start

By Bud Lemire

A New Year has just begun
A new start for everyone
Hopes and dreams will all come true
All will work in many ways for you

A fresh new start to a brand new year
To be alive in life, for you are here
And with your choices will start anew
There's so many things that you can do

Changes come in many ways
Once you get through the haze
And when you do you will know
The path that lies before your soul

Everything will feel just right
Embrace your future with God's light
You should know you are never alone
Someone guides you from the Heavenly Home

As you hear the New Year Ring
Remember that the Angels sing
Fulfilling all events in your destiny
With love complete of all you can be

©Jan 1, 2014 Bud Lemire

A New year has begun for everyone
and as long as we live and breathe
we can accomplish anything.
Sometimes it's just waiting for that
certain moment to arrive, and knowing
that when it is there, we can take part in it.
Weighing all your options and knowing it is
the right choice. Only we will know what is right
for us. Nobody else can choose for us. Just have faith
and know you are being guided to do what feels right
to you. No matter what anyone else thinks, that is all that
matters as your journey continues.

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