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A Victory In Life's Game

By Bud Lemire

Everyone is born unique and special in their own way
We each have our own challenges we face every day
Some of us are slower, some of us are faster
We can be the followers, or we can be the master

Understanding and accepting others is the key
For that's the way life is always going to be
It takes a real heroic soul to truly appreciate
Those who need a little help in their present state

Sometimes you have to fight with all that you got
To even have a halfway chance at a fairly good shot
Watching out for one another is what we must do
A guiding hand for a friend, to help them through

Run as fast as you can for a touch down
With friends that care, you'll never feel the ground
They'll keep any fall from being too hard
And see that you'll treasure life's winning card

Sometimes the challenges are harder for some
Depending on where in life, you're coming from
Team work is what is needed here
To ease the team player from any fear

You'll feel great right down in your soul
That your help touched someone that you know
After that you'll never be quite the same
You will have scored A Victory In Life's Game

©Dec 5, 2013 Bud Lemire

We need to reach out and help those who are a little different than us. Show our support, show we care. When we do, we will know how great it feels way down deep in our soul.

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