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Donna, A Caring Soul

By Bud Lemire

I've worked with Donna for many years
She may seem tough but I've seen her tears
I've worked with her through my years with Bob
I know she gives her very best at every job

She's not afraid to give her all
And answers when she gets the call
Some days I feel she doesn't get a rest
But I know her clients always get the best

She even helped my Mom several years ago
I came to know this woman with a caring soul
She's been keeping people clean for so very long
Her thriving willpower is so very strong

You probably see her thinking she lives here
She comes around often because her client is near
In her years she's seen so many go
Passed away, to become a Heavenly soul

I do know this, it doesn't matter where
If she's around, someone's getting the best care
So I honor her, she deserves this poem
For her caring efforts, of which I have known

©Jan 14, 2014 Bud Lemire

This one is for you Donna. For your dedication and reliability for always being their and giving the best to the people you care for.

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