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The Imaginative Genius of Terry Goodkind

By Bud Lemire

There's Sisters of the Light, there's Sisters Of The Dark
There's even Mord-Sith, feeding chipmunks in the park
Richard and Kahlan, and then there's Zedd
And then there is Denna, all dressed in red

There's the Palace of the Prophets with Verna, Warren, and Ann,
There's Darken Rahl, he's such an awful man
There's the Mriswith, who you can't see
Nathan and his prophecies, what can they be

The Mud People, Adie, Shota the Witch woman as well
Jagang and the Imperial Order sure put them through Hell
Cara on hand, able and ready to defend
The Mother Confessor is her agiel sister and friend

There's Nicci, who's keeping Richard and Kahlan apart
Always someone doing that, right from the start
The Wizard's First Rule, The Stone Of Tears
An adventurous journey to battle one's fears

The Temple Of The Winds, The Blood of the Fold
A love between two, while they're growing old
The Faith Of The Fallen, The Soul Of The Fire
The Seeker of truth and the Mother Confessor's desire

A wondrous journey in this world within
The characters come alive, I say with a grin
Never know what will be found, inside the mind
Of the imaginative genius of Terry Goodkind

©Jan 18, 2014 Bud Lemire

Thank you Terry, for the wonderful characters you brought to life!

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