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What You Hear, What You See

By Bud Lemire

So you think I'm crazy, is that what you believe
Of these messages from spirit that I receive
You can laugh at me, but what I hear is true
These spirits have given me a message for you

When you experience something, only you will know
Of the messages that will touch your soul
They can't tell you that it's not true
It didn't happen to them, it happened to you

When people seem different, people stay away
It made me think of a winter day
I wore a warm coat and I wore my *chook
The ones without hats gave me a funny look
What I want to say, doesn't matter how you dress
As long as you are warm and comfortable, no less

Those born different, will cause a stare
From those less understanding, and aren't aware
Some are prejudice, and will always be
No matter in this world, they will see

Open minded is the best key
It works very well for me
Close minded puts up a thick wall
Preventing you from seeing it all

God gave you love, so you could embrace
Understand others and situations you face
Not to judge them by color or appearance too
Or by what they hear, see, or do
Use your heart, listen to your soul
Treat everyone equal, and you will know

You aren't them, and aren't in their shoes
You haven't experienced being them, no inside news
It's not about what they do, hear, or see
It's all about the kind of person you choose to be

©Jan 6, 2014 Bud Lemire

*Chook – a stocking cap worn in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Just remember, you do not know their journey or what they can see or hear.
An example, you may love someone and feel the love, but others can not see it
coming from you, yet it is there within and between two.
One thing that always bothers me is this: People tend to think they know everything about the
the other person, when they haven't even been in their place. How would they know?
You are just judging them from what you know and learned from your journey and experiences,
not from what they know and see and feel. That's the way so many of us do.
Everyone is an individual, and some may smell the fragrance of a flower,
and you may say...”I don't smell it.” Some may see someone
who looks like someone they know, you may not see that.
Do you think anyone can openly judge someone truthfully and honestly,
if they're judging them from someone else's point of view? No!
We can only accept them for who they are, and where they are coming from.
Accept others for who they are, for you don't know their journey or experiences.

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