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The Fishing Hole

By Bud Lemire

He had a special bobber for his fishing pole
And he used it down at his fishing hole
He was going to catch a good fish
While there he would hope and wish

He would like to catch a fish while there
But if he didn't, he really didn't care
He watched the birds chirping in the tree
And gazed all around at all he could see

A chipmunk running across the grass
He sure was moving so very fast
The line went down, he had a bite
He reeled it in, oh what a sight

It was a good sized perch on his line
And he thought “And it's all mine”
A Kingfisher from a tree took a dive
And caught a fish and it was still alive

The sun was shining, the sky was blue
It was a warm day, with nothing to do
So he decided to grab his fishing pole
And was so glad he went to the Fishing Hole

©Feb 23, 2014 Bud Lemire

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Sometimes it is more than just fishing,
it's taking in everything around you


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