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Loretta, My Friday Fish Friend

By Bud Lemire

This is for my friend Loretta, who comes over for Fish
Every Friday for supper, because it's our favorite dish
Salmon, Whitefish, or a delicious Lake Trout
Eating Fish for supper is what living is all about

Steamed Asparagus has a wonderful taste
Not a bit of this vegetable goes to waste
Baked potatoes, straight from the oven
With a little butter, it's a taste that I'm loving

Home made Green Tea with a touch of Mint there
To wash down the meal that I love to share
I take a few pictures to share on Facebook
So others can see the meal that I cook

It's time for the arrival of My Friday Fish Friend
An hour or more, for a tasteful time that we spend
Music in the background, to make it just right
As we each enjoy the food, with another bite

We visit for awhile and the time flies
Then she gives me a hug as we say our goodbyes
The Time is special, every moment we spend
With Loretta, My Friday Fish Friend

©Feb 28, 2014 Bud Lemire

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Fridays wouldn't be the same with out my friend Loretta and it wouldn't be the same without the Fish we eat.
Thank you Loretta, for your good company and friendship every Friday and each day of the year.

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